First Thoughts

6 Feb

What are your first thoughts? Why do you think we still study Romeo?

I think we still study Romeo and Juliet today because it really has that feeling where you can connect to the characters. This play is very important to a whole bunch of people because it kind of represents Valentine’s Day with the falling in love and relationship stuff like that. Shakespeare has been going around for over 100 years! I don’t really know why we still go over everything today, maybe so we can find out a little more information each time someone studies.

My first thoughts on the play Romeo and Juliet was having to do with love. Romeo meeting Juliet and having trouble to fall in love, then they do and it’s happily ever after. But my first thoughts about Shakespeare were really just wanting to figure out who he was. I’ve heard his name a billion times before and never really put much thought into doing some research. I’m very excited to read the story and see the movie.                                                                            


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